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What is the MMI code *

What is the MMI code *

The message USSD code running (or MMI code) appears when a code is dialed from the terminal from which a response is received from the network to perform an operation such as verifying or activating diversions. These are usually codes preceded by symbols, such as * or #, which differentiates them from a call.

What is my cell phone’s MMI code?

What is the MMI code starting *#21?

The *#21# code is used to see which deviations we have activated, like a query screen. We can also check this in case of Jazztel or Vodafone.

What is the code *#9900?

Specifically, the *#9900# code works on several basic tasks that we can use for different uses. In general, it is responsible for accessing a menu called ‘System Dump’, which can be understood as ‘system dump’. Here reside various unnecessary and ‘junk’ elements of the Android cell phone.

What happens if I dial ## 002 on my cell phone?

With ##002# you can cancel all call forwarding And it works for both Android and iPhone, just do the following process: Open the phone app on your cell phone. Enter ##002# and press the call button.

What to do with the code * *4636 * *?

*#*#4636#*#* : This combination provides detailed information about the terminal, battery, usage statistics and WiFi connection. It also allows us to perform ping tests on the connection.

What is the code to know if the phone is tapped?

##002#: if your cell phone has been hacked, with this code you can redirect incoming calls from attackers. *#62#: With this code you will be able to access the entire list of calls that were redirected and, therefore, did not enter your device.

What happens if I put 31?

– If you press *31# and the call key, it will activate permanent hiding. That is, you will always call with a hidden number.

What is the code to disable call forwarding?

For the latter, the protagonist of the article is used: the code ##002#. What that code does is cancel once and for all the possible detours that the phone number entered on the cell phone has activated.

What happens if I type *3370?

This number does nothing. Thankfully, it’s harmless code, a hoax that won’t cause much trouble, but it’s still a lie and an example of how fast false information can spread.

What number is dialed to find out if there was an intervention?

##002#: if your cell phone has been hacked, with this code you can redirect incoming calls from attackers. *#62#: With this code you will be able to access the entire list of calls that were redirected and, therefore, did not enter your device.

What app is *#011?

*#011#: This code shows us the network connection and service cell information. *#0228#: thanks to this code we can check the health status of the battery.

How to free up space with *#9900 code?

Just go to the calling application, enter the code *#9900# and choose the ‘Deletedumpstate/logcat’ option. In this way, you can delete junk files from your phone quickly and easily.

What happens if you dial *# 21?

*#21#: with a function very similar to the previous one, this code lets you know if data, calls and messages are being diverted. But also, this code shows a screen that confirms if an improper diversion is taking place.

What is CP RAM Logging?

It is a memory that, in short, allows you to store the applications that you are running in the background to have faster access to them.

What is Low Battery Discharge?

Upon entering *#9900#, there is a section called “Low Battery Dump” which is set to “Off” by default, but changing it to “On” should make the battery last longer, at least that’s what many users with Samsung Devices they say.

What is *#0228Samsung?

Calibrate the Battery on Samsung Step by Step After making sure that it is 100% charged, disconnect it from the outlet. Now access your phone’s diagnostics menu, go into the phone application and dial *#0228#.

How to enable *#0*#?

Choose the keyboard and enter the following sequence of characters: *#0*#. Instantly, the secret menu will be activated, consisting of up to 22 buttons, each of which performs a simple test that serves to confirm that all the elements of the phone work correctly…

How to always have 4G?

Android: You must go to SETTINGS and select MOBILE NETWORKS (on some models this function may appear in three other ways: MOBILE DATA, NETWORK MODE or WIRELESS AND NETWORKS). Once there, you just have to check the option that includes 4G (without excluding 3G).

How to access hidden android menu?

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE SECRET MENU ON YOUR ANDROID PHONE The first thing will be to enter your cell phone settings. Then look for the Systems section. At this point you should click on About phone. In the build number section you have to press about 6 times in a row to activate the secret menu.

Check your open WhatsApp Web sessions In it, click on the WhatsApp Web option that you will have in the middle and you will enter the menu to manage the web service. You will enter a screen that will show all open sessions with WhatsApp Web using your account.

How do I know if someone sees me through my cell phone camera?

Access Dots spy indicator, is an application for Android that allows us to know if someone accesses the camera or microphone without our knowledge. The application shows us a green or orange dot at the top of the phone, indicating that some tool has implemented these features.

How to call on WhatsApp without your number being seen?

This code varies depending on the country, but in the case of Spain it is #31# followed by the number you are going to call. For example, if you are going to call “111222333”, the number you would dial is “#31#111222333”, without the quotes. The caller will receive the call, but the number will be hidden.

What is the mobile MMI code?

How to see the MMI of the cell phone? The most used MMI code is *#06# to know the IMEI of the cell phone’s motherboard, practically included by most manufacturers in their terminals. What do you mean by MMI connection problems? What does the invalid MMI code message mean?

What is an invalid MMI code?

Invalid MMI Codes If you enter the code to access a certain feature such as call forwarding on your phone and it doesn’t work, you will get an “Invalid MMI Code”. This could mean that you have not subscribed to that service or feature with your phone.

What is an invalid MMI code on Android?

One of the quite common issues that appear on Android is Invalid MMI Code. This usually occurs when a user is trying to send an MMI (Man-Machine-Interface) code. What is an MMI code?

What is an invalid MMI code or connection problem on smartphones?

A very common issue on phones is connection issue or invalid MMI code. This issue often occurs in Samsung Galaxy series which has dual SIM card feature or smartphones which allow 2 SIM cards of 2 unique networks at the same time as compared to all other phone brands.